My research focuses mainly between matter and emptiness, my works are in fact conceived as void spaces to be filled. Space is intended as a communicative vehicle, as a factor capable of generating an aesthetic, as well as the materialization of a timeless time. I consider the emptiness as necessary as the silence to activate that part of us that has easier access to fantasy, intuition, overall vision, lateral thinking.


Laura Forte is born in Copertino in 1982. She studied in Lecce at an applied goldsmith school. In 2001 she moved to Bassano del Grappa, where she continued her specialist studies at IRIGEM, a gemological research institute, earning a qualification diploma as a setter goldsmith. She has frequented several courses, an internship in a prestigious jewelry store in the heart of the city of Bassano and worked in an important goldsmith company in Vicenza. In 2005 she decided to return to her hometown where she opened her jewelry and design studio. Her work approaches contemporary art and photography, a new world that nurtures Laura’s inspiration and creativity. She mainly makes bench work, but can combine new materials and 3d methodologies. She defines her works as a dialogue, a contamination, a search for herself, something that is timeless. She has received various awards and her work is in various international galleries dealing with contemporary jewelry.